Houston Film Critics Society Will Honor Jeff Bridges, Joanne King Herring

Jeff Bridges, better known as The Dude, Bad Blake, Rooster Cogburn, Obadiah Stane and Jeff Bridges (musician), will receive the Houston Film Critics Society's 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award.

"There is an amazing naturalness to his performances," said HFCS President Nick Nicholson in a release. "Evidence of his artistry and his dedication to his craft is that he makes it all look easy."

Bridges won an Academy Award for Best Actor in 2010 for his intense, funny and devastating performance as an alcoholic, down-and-out country musician, a crowning achievement for a film career that spans 60 years. He first appeared onscreen at the age of two in 1951's The Company She Keeps alongside his mother, Dorothy Dean Bridges, and his brother, Beau. His dad, if you live under a rock, was Hollywood actor Lloyd Bridges.

Previous award recipients include Patrick Swayze and Sissy Spacek.

The HFCS also announced the winner of its annual Humanitarian Award, Joanne King Herring (if you can remember as far back as the 1950s and '60s, you might recallThe Joanne King Show, which ran on KHOU and KPRC for 15 years). Herring, a Houston socialite, philanthropist and activist, is perhaps best known for her role in persuading the U.S. government to arm and train Mujahideen resistance after the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979 (she was portrayed by Julia Roberts in Charlie Wilson's War), but has continued to provide food, clean water, medical care, education and jobs to the region through her Marshall Plan charities, according to the release.

"Not only has she been a fixture on the Houston social scene since the 1950s, but she also has made a difference locally, nationally and internationally through her philanthropic and humanitarian work," Nicholson said in the release.

Bridges and Herring will be honored at the HFCS's gala on January 7.

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