Houston in Top 10 U.S. Cities That Really Like Plastic Surgery

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You’re shocked. Well, we’re guessing. We can’t really tell because of the lack of expression on your face due to all the plastic surgery, but we figure you’re pretty shocked.

Houston is listed among the top 10 cities whose residents are interested in surgical cosmetic procedures, according to a study by RealSelf, a website driven by the community that features reviews and information about cosmetic treatments. Top 10! Among the other cities in the top 10 are the usual suspects, like Las Vegas and Miami. But Houston? Guess we’re more tight-faced than we thought.

Jennifer Moses, director of public relations at RealSelf, says that might be because of the high income of Houston residents.

“What’s interesting about sort of Texas in general when we’re looking at surgical procedures is that when we’re looking at major cities in Texas, [they] are always in our top cities for people interested in surgical procedures because there are a good amount of families there and there’s higher rates of people with disposable income as opposed to the more remote areas of Texas. So we do see a lot of interest from San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, across the board,” she says.

RealSelf cites social media, the body positivity movement and celebrity endorsements as reasons for the increased interest in plastic surgery.

According to RealSelf, people in the Houston metro area are most interested in breast augmentation, followed by tummy tucks, butt augmentation, liposuction and rhinoplasty. This interest typically comes from women between the ages of 25 and 45. And get this – compared to the national average, people in Houston have a 21 percent higher interest in tummy tucks and a 5 percent higher interest in liposuction. “A lot of that we can attribute to moms who might be looking at ways to restore their body after having kids, especially when you’re looking at tummy tucks,” Moses says.

But as far as the interest in breast augmentation – one plastic surgeon believes the hot and humid Houston weather is to blame.

“One of our plastic surgeons who practices in Austin actually said that she thinks people in Texas get breast augmentation just because of the warmer weather all year round. She used to practice in New York and now she's moved to Austin, and she had mentioned that people in her practice were getting higher rates of breast augmentation because of just the warm weather and the clothes that come along with it,” Moses says.

Full list of U.S. metro areas interested in surgical cosmetic procedures:
1. Miami
2. San Antonio
3. Norfolk, Virginia
4. Sacramento
5. Jacksonville
6. Atlanta
7. Memphis
8. Houston
9. Las Vegas
10. Orlando

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.