Houston Not a City For Young Creatives, Says New List

Last week PolicyMic, a website dedicated to the millennial generation, posted a list entitled "15 Cities for Creative 20-Somethings That Aren't New York or Los Angeles." The list includes some obvious choices, Ashville, NC, Portland, OR, and Nashville, TN, among others. A glaring omission from the list is our very own H-Town. That is not to say that Texas is completely left off; our "weird" neighbor made the cut at No. 4.

According to author Elyssa Goldberg, Austin is a good place for creatives because it's affordable and easy to live in, which makes me wonder if Goldberg wrote this list ten years ago as Austin's real estate market just reportedly hit an all-time high.

But before I get all hot and bothered over how Austin made this list and Houston did not, I think it's worth exploring why that may be. Branding.

Let me jump back a bit first. I moved to Houston almost seven years ago now leaving what many would call the capitol of artsy-fartsy and cool: Williamsburg, Brooklyn (For the record, it's not). When my now husband was offered the move through his company, our friends thought we were insane. "Houston?" they said. "No, you mean Austin." Nope. Houston.

What tended to follow were jokes about all of the things we would have "a problem" with - horse manure being a big one.

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Abby Koenig
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