Houston Police Museum Still Open (With A/C)

As if the city needed another niche museum to promote Houston's great world-class-museum-going pastime, there is yet another air-conditioned room designed for exhibiting stuff. Back in May, the eagerly anticipated Houston Police Department Museum opened its doors in the lobby of HPD headquarters at 1200 Travis. According to the museum's page at the city's website, the exhibits honor "the ultimate sacrifice made by those officers that gave their lives in the line of duty." Sounds respectful enough.

But then there's the gift shop ...

Open every "Payday Friday," the shop sells:

Portfolios with the HPD Seal embossed on the cover - $28.00

Travel Mug with HPD badge (chrome / black) - $8.00

Men's / Women's Dry-Fit short sleeve shirt with HPD Seal - $25.00 to $28.00

Adult baseball caps with HPD Seal (Black / Khaki) - $12.00

Baby Bib (Blue/Pink/White) with Chief's Badge and 'Future Chief' - $8.00

Baby Cap (Blue/Pink/White) with Chief's Badge and 'Future Chief' - $8.00

Baby Tee (Blue/Pink/White) with Chief's Badge and 'Future Chief' - $10.00

Junior Police Badge (Gold in Color) - $5.00

We love those baby items. Since ex-Chief Harold Hurtt resigned, his chief's blog remains dormant while new chief Charles McLelland sends around memos like these:

"Effective immediately, officers shall have no discussion with criminal defense attorneys regarding any pending criminal case without first obtaining express permission from the federal prosecutor, assistant district attorney or municipal prosecutor assigned to the case. This circular applies to criminal cases pending in any federal, state, county, or municipal court and shall include the prosecution of traffic citations."

We wonder how attendence and sales are going.

The HPD Museum is open Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Admission is free.

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