Houston Roller Derby

The women of the Houston Roller Derby league soundly defeat visiting teams with so much regularity that the city’s known to field one of the toughest flat-track leagues in the country. So when league members take on each other, things get real crazy real fast. Today’s all-Houston bout opens the 2014 season, and fans can expect some surprises.

“Our fall tryouts brought back some HRD retired players and quite a few skilled players from other teams,” said media spokeswoman Enocha “Eenie Meanie” Edenfield. “It will be interesting to see how these players change the way home teams play. Fans can expect hard hits and wily jammers.” Some of that can easily be chalked up to Speed O’, one of Houston Roller Derby’s most amazing jammers, who recently came out of retirement to join the warrior ranks of the Valkyries. Lightning-quick, she always makes for white-knuckle action.

The Psych Ward Sirens take on the Brawlers, while the Bayou City Bosses face the Valkyries. Once they were the new kids on the block, but the Valkyries have become a dominant force in the league using a fast-and-loose style that often has them toppling their opponents with triple-digit leads (Think Mike Leach football on skates).

6 p.m. Bayou Music Center, 520 Texas. For information, call 713-230-1600 or visit houstonrollerderby.com. $15.
Sat., Feb. 15, 6 p.m., 2014

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