Houston Social Source's First Ever Texting Party For Singles Coming To Midtown

Last fall the folks at the Houston Social Source, a social group for single Houstonians, through a pheromone party at Nouveau Antique Art Bar.

That party called for attendees to sleep in the same shirt for three nights in a row, freeze it in a bag and then bring the bag to the party where it's sniffed by fellow singles in the hopes that their natural musk would reel in a potential partner.

This time the HSS is throwing a "texting" party at the new Proof Bar in Midtown on Friday, January 25 at 7 p.m.

What is a "texting" party? Isn't that what all parties are now these days, just people standing around drinking and playing on their phones?

"The texting party will be limited to 50 people and they will be set up through a private texting app that will keep all their info anonymous. The participants will choose an alias for the night and we will list all the attendees plus the staff's through a projector on the wall," explained HSS's Jennifer Huthmacher.

"People can group text, voice text or simply text the names they are curious tho meet privately. This will all take place while mixing and mingling verbally," she added.

Voice text, like they call each other and leave messages? What will stop someone from going to the restroom and taking dirty pictures to spice up the conversations?

Nothing, I hope.

I sincerely hope this happens all night long. Think of the possibilities.

For the last hour of the event, the texters will don name tags with their alias' on them so that they can meet face to face the people they had been texting with. Or sexting with. Either or.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.