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How Does Speed Dating in a Porsche Sound to You?

Think about the best first date you ever had. Did he/she take you to a great restaurant? Was there endless amounts of good conversation about topics that were important to both of you? Did he/she blow your mind with how funny, good-looking, smart, weird, into '90s NY hardcore he/she was just like you?

Was it in a Porsche? No, not did they pick you up in a Porsche; was the entire date inside a Porsche and did it only last about five minutes? If the last two have you scratching your head, then perhaps you are just not sophisticated enough for this Thursday's opportunity from The Houston Social Source and Momentum Porsche: "Test-Drive Speed Dating."

If you are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of speed dating, it's like a first date on cocaine. You meet someone, you small talk quickly, trying to get everything awesome out about yourself that may attract the person sitting across from you. It's awkward, you feel uncomfortable, your hands sweat, you question your existence, then you get up and go to the bathroom to "clean up." And it starts all over again. In a traditional speed dating scenario you may have to do this dance with upwards of 20 people in the hopes that just one of them marks down on some piece of paper that they "like you." Reminds me of middle school, and I try very hard to pretend that time never happened.

However, unlike your standard speed dating fare, "Test-Drive Speed Dating" will go on in the front seat of a Porsche (or backseat; do Porsche's have backseats?). As I understand it, as dates switch, cars switch. According to Jennifer Huthmacher of The Houston Social Source, "This is really a neat twist on your regular speed dating. It gives singles something to break the ice automatically and get conversation started just by virtue of the environment they will find themselves in."

"So err... do you like Porsches?"

"Yeah. They are really neat. Do you?"

"Um. Yeah. Wish I had one!" (ha ha, how many times will you say/hear that joke?)

Ice = broken.

Or maybe this sounds like a really swell time to you; if so, I should mention that this particular speed dating in a car is for the over 40 crowd, who presumably have some cash to potentially buy the Porsche you were just in to impress you. If you are under 40, maybe you would enjoy the "Speed Dating in a Honda Element' event that is taking place somewhere else. Or if you are a single mom/dad, maybe the "Speed Dating in a Subaru Forester But you Have to Sit In Between the Car Seats" event. Or if you are a Montrose hipster maybe you would be into the "Speed Dating on a Scooter that My Parents Bought Me Because I Completed a BA in Creative Writing."

Or may I propose speed Segway dating?

But wait, there's more! If you win, or rather if someone that you like, like also like likes you, you get a ride around the block in a car just like you did when you were 12 and your mom was driving you to the mall for a date that involved "walking around." Maybe they will even drop you off a few feet away so it feels even more authentic.

If this all sounds amazing, mazel tov; I hope you meet the man/woman of your dreams in a car at Momentum Porsche, 10155 Southwest Freeway Houston, TX 77074 . It's this Thursday, September 18. For more information visit thehoustonsocialsource.com.

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