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How Rude!: The Most Annoying Little Sisters in Television History

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I polled the Facebook peanut gallery and asked them who they thought were the most annoying kid sisters in television history. You would be surprised how angry some people got, dredging up old horrible memories of imaginary characters they never even met. Little sisters don't get any respect, mainly because they are always causing trouble or ruining your life.

Olivia, The Cosby Show

Some folks were really against Raven-Symoné's character Olivia, and the whole Cosby cast in general. What a difference two decades makes.

Chrissy Seaver, Growing Pains

What did Chrissy ever do to anyone, besides ruin Mrs. Seaver's sinfully tight body?

Quinn Morgendorffer, Daria

Okay, Quinn was annoying as hell, but she was pretty hot for a cartoon character. It was those '90s baby-doll tees.

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