How to Properly be a Hipster

Hipsters...Where did this group come from and when did they first appear? No clue...but they are everywhere. And apparently anyone from their teens until late into their 30s can be a hipster. But as I've recently learned, if someone wants to achieve success at becoming a hipster, there are certain "unwritten" rules that the hipster in training must follow...

5. First off, fashion...or lack there of... The more unique and mismatched the better. For guys, I suggest ironic tops saying something clever and at least a few pairs of skinny jeans, whichever color you'd like. And for the ladies...leggings, of course. And let us not forget, it's all about vintage. No labels allowed. Accessorizing is a must. And when it comes to sunglasses, choose a colored pair of Ray-Bans. The goal is to look "effortlessly cool."

4. Grooming... Hipsters are not exactly hippies, so we have to remember that it's important to maintain good hygiene and shower regularly. Although greasy hair is okay. For guys, beards and mustaches work. Girls, little to no makeup, and if you dye your hair, make sure it stands out. Tattoos and piercings are acceptable and encouraged, as they will add to your individualness.

3. Live a greener lifestyle... This includes shopping more at overly expensive farmers' markets for unique and organic products while taking Instagram pictures of yourself doing so because your friends will want to know just how awesome you are. And a bicycle is a must when riding around town because it's all about protecting the environment.

2. Self-educate... Continuing to gain knowledge and wisdom is key to becoming the best hipster one can be. Everything from nonfiction to philosophy should be on your reading list. And let's not forget to shop the local sidewalk vendors for rare and unique titles. Visit independent art pop-up galleries housing works of misunderstood artists, watch cult classics or subtitled films and spend hours on end sitting in your local coffee shop or diner.

1. And most important... Independent thought. Remember, you are a unique individual. You must have an opinion about everything. Because you are an independent thinker and must always have something to contemplate or debate. You use your brain more than most, so it is unfortunately now your job to continue to teach and educate others about what you know about this world we live in.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.