"I Can Do Anything" a Film Celebration for the Little Ones

Ahh, to be a kid again. Life was so much easier. You didn't have to worry about bills or jobs, you never stopped laughing for fear of getting laugh lines. When you are a child (hopefully), your biggest worry is whether to be an astronaut or the president, or to eat one cookie or two. I don't know at what point you turn old and jaded, but if we could all go back and see through the eyes of a child, we'd probably be better off.

To celebrate how wonderful children are and how brilliantly idealistic they are, three Houston groups are teaming up for one evening of kid-tasticness. On Friday, August 24, Aurora Picture Show, Gish Creative and Girls Rock Camp Houston will host an evening of performance and short film under the label "I Can Do Anything."

The concept for the presentation came about with Aurora reaching out to Sarah Gish, of Gish Creative and Gish Picks, to curate a film screening as a part of their summer Popcorn Kids series, a media literacy program for children.

"We had worked with Sarah before on other projects," says Mary Magsamen, Curator for Aurora Picture Show. Gish is connected to the film world through her Gish Picks column and blog, but additionally works in the world of children in some capacity.

"I put out something called the Summer Book," says Gish, "which lists children's camps and activities."

Combining film with a focus on children seemed to be a natural fit for all parties involved. Gish reached out to several film communities to find what she was looking for, locally and internationally. The idea behind the series was to showcase films that not only celebrate children but are mostly intended for little viewers.

The result of their efforts is a lineup of short films from across Texas and beyond. The evening will open with Houston-based filmmaker Maureen McNamara's short, a colorful animated version of her daughter playing hopscotch, aptly titled Hip Hop Scotch.

Austin filmmaker Kat Candler's short, Love Bug, is about a young boy fretting over how to ask the object of his affection to the school dance. It is a funny piece and completely relatable for lovestruck people in any age bracket. Other highlights include Matthew Doing Weather, about a visit to the Houston Weather Museum; Roberto, The Insect Architect, about a peculiar termite who would rather build than chew; and the music video for the Houston Press-nominated "Live Oak Trees."

Not only will there be a screening for kids, but the event is also bringing in some pint-sized rock and roll. The Girls Rock Camp Houston will be performing at the event as well.

"We always like to have some sort of performance or craft at our events," Magsmen mentions. Aurora has been working with the GRCH during the summer on a separate project and as the entire evening was focusing on the great things children can do when they put their minds to it, they were invited to open the evening.

Gish is very excited about how the entire project came together and the positive message that it gives to children. "Kids really can do anything," Gish enthuses. This screening is intending to showcase some of this power.

If only we old fuddy-duddies could harness some of that and bring it back into our own lives. Hey, get off my lawn.

"I Can Do Anything" a screening of short films by, for and about kids with a live performance by Girls Rock Camp Houston, will be held on Friday, August 24, at 7 p.m. at Aurora Picture Show. The event is free. For more information, visit aurorapictureshow.org.

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