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Idol Beat: Nine Crimes

55 million. That's how many votes were cast to determine which two unfortunates would be given the boot last night on American Idol. To those who like to get up in arms about the "outrage" that the show draws such massive numbers from an otherwise apathetic population, I'd remind you the show allows as many phone calls and text messages from one person as they can make in a two-hour period, and you can vote 20 times online. And as far as I'm concerned, as long as people that devoted to the show aren't doing other more destructive things, like breeding, I'm fine with the number of votes cast.

Besides, there was an increased sense of urgency because two finalists were going home this week, and god forbid anyone sends current tween heartthrob/weak links Scotty or Stefano home before the pre-adolescent female population of America has fully had their say.

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