In Case You Missed Them: 8 Must-Reads from the September Issues

Although October issues are hitting newsstands, we are still poring over the oversized September issues of Vogue, ELLE, InStyle and Vanity Fair. We spent so much time looking at the pretty, pretty pictures that it was a full two weeks until we got around to remembering there were also some articles in there. Here are a few must-reads from the September issues:


Jon Huntsman: The Outsider: Jon Huntsman is the outsider all right. The former Governor of Utah is Mormon, and raising an adopted daughter in her original Hindu faith. He is also pro-civil unions, pro-science and SEXY. His tone is reasonable, not rabid, and as a former ambassador to China he is going to have a bit of distancing himself from the President to do. That said, this is a fascinating look at the man, his faith, his family and his beliefs.

Kate Moss: Kiss Me Kate: Love her or hate her, Kate Moss's wedding to Jamie Hince was a who's who of fashion stars. Her Galliano dress (as if she doesn't create enough controversy on her own) can be examined from many angles.

Marie Claire

Preface: This magazine title is pronounced MARY Claire. If one more person asks if we have read "ma-REE Claire" we are going to scream. Even Joshua on Project Runway and Joan Rivers pronounce it wrong! ARGH.

Sarah Jessica Parker's Next Act: SJP on her new movie and how she does it in real life. As always, great pictures and very editorial clothing.

Instant Classic: Polka Dot Revival: Polka dots are classic but fun; feminine and flirty. A charming way to go retro without looking like an extra from the Mad Men set. This is an easy, wearable way to do a "period" style and still avoid costume territory. Polka dots are so much easier to wear than big, splashy florals that can leave you looking a little like wallpaper.

Designer Dossier: Salvatore Ferragamo: We are desperately in love with the new Ferragamo collection. The houndstooth alone leaves us weak-kneed, but the genius print layering is sheer torture, and in the best way. Take a peek into the mind of Ferragamo Creative Director Massimiliano Giornetti.

Vanity Fair

Jenny Back on the Block: In her first post-split interview. J.Lo is also the VF September Issue cover girl. We don't get much detail on her separation from Marc Anthony, but Jennifer Lopez is fierce, and it's nice to see a woman who is not a sample size work designer clothes.

Liberté, Egalité, Agnès B.: It has all the great elements of a Parisian love/success story: romance, accidental genius, scandal, and of course, fashion design.

Masters of Style--Slideshow by Laura Jacobs: This short slideshow pays tribute to V.F. photographers and their images, in which they fuse "style and subject."

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