In Fashion: Seven Must-Reads in Style

We've been on the go recently, which has been the perfect excuse to catch up on our fashion glossies. Armed with three pounds of fashion magazines, we settled into our mini-vacation poring over the hottest news from this awards season, and the best and worst of the New York Fashion Week runways. If you have missed the last couple of issues, here are some stories you shouldn't miss:


A quick-and-easy overview of New York Fashion Week can be found in "Best of New York Fashion Week." Twenty-one standouts from the New York runways. It's all about accessories for spring in "Haute Décor." Learn how to accessorize the trends for spring, from geometric prints to pretty pastels.


Adele is everywhere, especially after her clean-up job at the Grammys. Her Vogue cover spread is titled "Adele: One and Only."

We love to hate on stuffy Jeffrey Steingarten when he judges Iron Chef America and we also loved his article "Turning Japanese."

Pretty costumes? Check. Period piece? Check. Hottest show on television? Check. "Downton Abbey: Edwardian Inspiration."

Vanity Fair

George Clooney, Matt Damon and Daniel Craig pose for Annie Leibovitz and take "The Proust Smackdown."

Follow up with the Web-exclusive "Top Men" slideshow -- two decades of the hottest VF male cover models.

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Christina Uticone