In Honor of Labor Day: 5 Great Images of Working in America

Labor Day is almost over, so as we shotgun our last beer, choke down our seventh overcooked burger and rub the chlorine from our reddened eyes, let's take one last moment to reflect on the labor movement and the working Americans. The working class has long been a source of inspiration for filmmakers (as we saw earlier today), musicians and visual artists.

That last contingent has both romanticized and de-romanticized the lives of working people through painting, photography and posters. Here are five of our favorites.

5. The Paycheck by Norman Rockwell

4. Finn MacCool by William Gropper

3. Shopgirls by Elizabeth Sparhawk-Jones

2. Unloading Coffee in San Francisco by Otto Hagel

1. Detroit Industry (detail) by Diego Rivera

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