Is the Metroid/Star Fox Game Real? 6 More Crossovers We Want If So

There is a rumor going around that Nintendo will unleash something amazing at the Electronics Entertainment Expo this year in the form of a fused adventure between two of their biggest franchises, Star Fox and Metroid. The rumor comes from the usually reliable Paul Gale Network, but can still only be considered a rumor at this point. When we contacted Nintendo they had no comment, but we'll all find out one way or the other in two weeks when E3 opens.

According to Gale, the game, called Star Fox/Metroid: Fusion Saga, will be a full melding of the universes to be released on Nintendo's next-generation console the Wii U. Supposedly the story begins as you control Fox McCloud and the Star Fox team on deep space mission and collide with a mysterious orange ship, most likely that of Samus Aran. The adventure continues planetside with both Samus and Fox spending time on foot Metroid-style and in the air as players finally get to control Samus's ship in combat.

This has not been confirmed or denied, but think of the possibilities it opens for Nintendo. Slowly it could integrate its entire universe into endless combinations. If the Metroid/Star Fox crossover has a good reception, we could start hoping for...

Kirby on Hippo Island: Even though the Punch-Out characters belong to Nintendo, they don't appear in the crossover games, not even Smash Brothers. Time to rectify that by having Kirby travel to Hippo Island to take on the gluttonous King Hippo before he dines on Kirby's friends. It would be a basic side-scroller leading up to Kirby having to battle the massively oversized boxing legend. Speaking of Punch-Out characters...

Glass Joe's Mansion: The thing that sells Luigi's Mansion is that Luigi is a heroic coward like Scooby Doo and Shaggy. That's what makes it fun, and that characterization has varied through in subsequent games. What could be more fun than having an even more famously cowardly character have to rescue Luigi? Someone like perennial loser Glass Joe. Professor E. Gadd could outfit him with special boxing gloves that could be used to punch ghosts, and win him the fame he's always wanted.

Legend of Zelda: StarTropics: Legend of Zelda: Wind Walker already feels like it was inspired by the setting of StarTropics anyway, so a merging of the two universes shouldn't be too hard. Mike Jones could answer a distress call he receives through the alien cubes of the first game and gets sucked into a tropical area of Hyrule. You could even set it up so that the Argonians that Mike rescued in the original release were actually the distant-future Hyrulean race. Link and Zelda join Mike once he arrives in a Super Mario RPG-esque outing.

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