It's International Jorts Day

Jort it up, Houston. Today is International Jorts Day, and as one of the city's biggest supporters of cut-off-jean shorts, it's my pleasure to welcome one and all to the jorted community--on the first day of spring nonetheless.

See, it's been about two years since I first took scissors to my first pair of jeans in desperation to make shorts for the warmer weather. I remember taking that first cut into a pair of faded gray Levi's Slim Straights like it was yesterday, having propped them up on a clothes dryer late one evening at home, as John Williams' Jurassic Park theme song played in the background majestically.


I measured both sides to make sure they were equal length, and dove in. If you think about it all, it's economical, "green", and stylish all at the same time, especially if (like me) you're going for the frayed-clothes Incredible Hulk look. They started a tad longer, but they soon made their way to just above my knee.

Since then, the world of jorts has exploded, and I would like to think I'm just a small part in a universal move toward comfort and relaxation. They can be paired with most anything: T-shirts, button-ups, Converse, sandals, high-top Nikes, or whatever you prefer.

Personally, I put a patch on my favorite pair once a hole became too big to mend. They've even been alterated in the crotchal area a few times, reinforcing them for months, or maybe even years, to come.

I know it may be a fashion faux pas to some, but I'd never wear jorts that weren't Levi's, short enough to see underwear or acid-washed; nor would I ever wear ones that were hemmed or cargo-pocketed.

The jorts season is longer in Texas too, thankfully. Last week at SXSW in Austin was perfect jort weather, and you can look forward to wearing them (if you wish) until at least early November, with a jacket or hoodie if you prefer. And yes, I have already made a second pair for Summer 2011

So rise up and be counted, Jorted America. It's our time.

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Craig Hlavaty
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