Jamie Foxx Playing a White Supervillain Isn't New, But Racists Tend to Forget Such Things

It's been confirmed that Jamie Foxx will be taking on Spider-Man in the Amazing Spider-Man sequel that starts filming in February. Foxx told his daughter, a big fan of Spidey (You're raising that one right, good sir) that he would be playing Electro when he took her to visit the sets under construction.

Electro is an early Spider-Man villain, and is almost by definition kind of stupid. He was granted the ability to control electricity after being struck by lightning because that is the sort of thing that happens when comic writers don't get called on their bullshit. Peter Parker usually manages to beat him with a bucket of water.

Nonetheless, Electro has stuck around for a fair number of years as a solo villain and as part of the Sinister Six. He's even managed to show that he isn't all bad when he publicly denounced a fellow villain claiming she was his daughter who decided to kill thousands of people at Ground Zero as a terrorist statement. I'm not ready to award him any merit badges for doing something most people would do automatically, but for a borderline mentally handicapped Spider-Man villain that was a pretty stand-up thing to do.

Also, Electro is white... not that you can really tell in that ridiculous costume, but he is muy blanco. Jamie Foxx, not so much. Guess where this is headed?

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