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Jason Voorhees: Dark Christ Figure?

Last week was Friday the 13th, and I spent it the way I have spent always spent that most unlucky of days since I was a kid... watching Friday the 13th marathons. Of the big slasher franchises the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre is my favorite film, while Nightmare on Elm Street is my favorite series because of the grand overall arc of the stories.

Jason is my favorite killer, though. Always has been. The iconic mask, his empty eyes, the tragedy that birthed him, the innovative brutality, the ninja-like stealth, and let's face it, his flicks have always had the best boobs in them. There's just something almost epic about him, as if he was the personification of some primal force.

It's damn near Biblical... in fact, that's what I've come to realize about Jason as a person. He is meant to represent a dark mirror of Jesus Christ. Now, this is a little nuts, so bear with me.

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