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Jess DeCuir: Musical Mash-Up Artist From a Different Angle

Houston Press readers should best know Jess DeCuir from Rocks Off's slavish devotion to her and husband Jeff's synthpop band Hyperbubble. We've followed their career as musicians for many years, and we can confidently call their last album, Candy Apple Daydreams, a critical success because we were the critics who acclaimed that sucker. Plus, they recently returned from a successful European tour.

But even after delving deep into the motivations and machinations of their albums, they still manage to surprise us. For instance, we had no idea that DeCuir dabbled at all in the visual arts. But dabble she does, and she will be only one of many artists featured this weekend at the Art Car Museum exhibit Musicians Who Make Art.

The art DeCuir is bringing from her home base in San Antonio is, frankly, odd. By the most literal definition, she is a collagist, but since she's a musician, we'll stick with calling the pieces mash-ups. True to what you would expect from someone whose compositions are driven by drum machine and precise synthesizer lines that underscore her fembot voice, each piece is set in a rigid machine grid and is made up of pieces of pop album covers.

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