Jil Sander's $630 Lunch Bag: Andy Warhol-esque or Just Grotesque?

Last week I climbed into the car at an ungodly early hour to take my husband to the airport. The car radio, as always, was tuned to NPR. I was hardly paying attention, but at some point the words "fashion" and "runway" broke through my early-morning exhaustion, and I tuned my ears back in to the story being reported. Since we don't get a ton of fashion chat on NPR, I wondered what the reporters could possibly be discussing.

The new $290 Jil Sander paper lunch bag.

That's right. Fashion designer Jil Sander sent a $300 paper bag down the runway as part of her 2012 menswear collection. Normally I'm not surprised when I miss news off of the men's runways -- I'm obviously more interested in things I can wear myself (at least a knockoff version) -- but how did I miss a THREE HUNDRED-DOLLAR PAPER BAG?

But the paper bag is just the beginning.

When I got home, I gave this thing a Google (and felt ridiculous typing in "Jil Sander lunch bag," let me tell you) and this article from Glamour magazine popped up. The headline reads, "OMG Alert: Jil Sander's $630...Lunch Bag!?"


Let's just get this out of the way: WHAT THE FUCK.

The $630 "lux" version of a Jil Sander lunch sack is made of leather and boasts a magnetic clasp -- you know, to keep all the crumbs inside your $600-plus lunch bag. For the record, the $290 version isn't "just" paper -- according to the Glamour article, the paper is coated (with?), has metallic vents (wha? why?) and has a Jil Sander logo. SIGN ME UP, right?

Hey, it's not like I've never paid too much for something. Are $30 Chanel nail polishes better than a drugstore brand? Not really, at least since Essie hit drugstores, but I still grab one once in a while. I am as susceptible to marketing as the next girl, but there is something ostentatious about this in a way that offended me as both a food lover and a fashion lover. I mean, no one knows how much my nail polish costs once it goes on my nails, but these bags scream it, right? This story just made me feel icky. Maybe it's because brown-bagging it to school is such a cherished memory for me -- my dad packed my lunches my entire life, even through high school. Instead of this feeling like a cheeky, high-fashion take on a pop-culture staple, it felt more like a middle finger to the middle class.

What do you guys think -- did I take this too seriously? Or is Jil Sander certifiably shithouse crazy?

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