Jim Parsons Plugs Houston's Museum District

Today, CultureMap reported on the above video clip in which Big Bang Theory actor and Houston native Jim Parsons plugs the Houston Museum District, saying, "I lived in Houston, and I lived in New York for a time. I saw more horses in New York than I ever saw in Houston, and I saw more art in Houston than I ever saw in New York."

Art Attack can vouch for the art part. Living in New York City, trying to make it as an actor, finding a spare hour or two to hang out at the Guggenheim or the Frick is hard when you're hustling to eat and make rent.

In Houston, Parsons worked at Whole Foods, and for the arts section of Microsoft's Sidewalk.com, two environments conducive to art-seeing.

But we might have to take issue with the "horses" part of Parsons' statement.

We're pretty sure Parsons has been to a little event called the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo once or twice. One night there, and you're good for a couple years of NYC parades and mounted police sightings.

Click ahead for the Museum District video.

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