John Turturro Opens Houston Fest with Passione

And the stars keep coming. Cinema Arts Festival Houston will kick off with a screening of John Turturro's new film Passione, which the actor directed, co-wrote and narrated. Turturro will be on hand to introduce the film at the red-carpet screening Wednesday, November 10 at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.

Turturro is the third actor announced as a participant in the fest, after Isabella Rossellini and Shirley MacLaine. He's probably best known to mainstream audiences from the Transformers franchise, but for us, his endlessly quotable career highlights are roles in Do the Right Thing, Quiz Show, and the Coen bros. films Barton Fink, Miller's Crossing and The Big Lebowski.

Passione, which debuted at the Venice Film Festival in September, has been described as a musical journey through Naples with "over 25 cinematic renderings of songs dating from the thirteenth century to the present," according to a press release. From the look of the trailer, though, it seems much cooler than that description. With tough chicks dancing on balconies and strutting through graffiti-marred streets, it has the feel of a '70s rock musical peppered with some Bollywood.

Click ahead for the trailer.

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