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John Waters Pitches His "Oral Sex for Literacy" Program to Houston

Editor's note: John Waters is not known as The Pope of Trash for nothing, so if you tend to be offended by raunchy statements, you might not want to read all of this post.

"Are you calling me from jail?"

That's how our phone call to John Waters (Hairspray, Pink Flamingos) began. Our iPhone call recorder app has a brief recording informing the person you're calling that they might be under surveillance when you activate it. Waters, who has been arrested multiple times, as well as many of his friends, can certainly be forgiven for assuming we'd been incarcerated. Now that we have his number, we plan on calling him should that ever come to pass.

It was hard to believe that we were actually being personally addressed by a voice that we associate only with the highest level of artistic brilliance. Granted, we understand that not everyone would call the man who had Tracy Ullman pick up a bottle with her cooter a genius, but that's because they don't realize the subtlety of Waters's work. To better know him, you need only to pick up his one-man show This Filthy World on Netflix, or better yet, go see the performance of his updated version Filthier and Dirtier.

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