Join the Houston Film Critics Society This Saturday for Its 2015 Awards Show

The Houston Film Critics Society (an organization that foolishly let me into its ranks years ago) is holding its 2015 awards program this Saturday, January 9, at Sundance Cinemas. Awards include the usual suspects (Best Picture, Actor, Actress, etc.) as well as a few unique to the HFCS. For example, we'll be presenting our Texas Independent Film Award to one of the following Lone Star entries:

6 Years
7 Chinese Brothers
The Last Man on the Moon
Sir Doug and the Genuine Texas Cosmic Groove

There will also be a lifetime achievement award presented to Dennis Quaid. Of course, as with past HFCS awards recipients, there's no guarantee any of them will actually be in attendance. That's a gamble you take with free admission.

That's right: Admission is free! That's a better deal than you're going to get buying scalped tickets and drinking overpriced beer at a football game the Texans are probably going to lose anyway. Yeah, I said it.

So come down(town) and join the HFCS as we celebrate the year in film that was 2015. Afterwards, have a drink and tell us how full of shit we are. It'll be like a real-life comments section.

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