Jones Plaza's "Make-Ogre" and Other Lame Theater-District Puns

On Wednesday, the cast of Shrek: The Musical helped jump-start "Jones Plaza Live!" -- a month-long event of daily performances happening at the newly renovated Jones Plaza. Or as the Hobby Center's PR people informed us via e-mail: "Jones Plaza is Getting a Make-Ogre When Cast Members From Shrek The Musical Perform Live to Launch 'Jones Plaza Live!'"

Although the event was fun and light-hearted, bad puns are no laughing matter.

What's the best punishment for lame puns? Well, running more, equally lame ones of your own, of course. Here are three that also play on words at the Hobby Center in November. (Plus one bonus to punctuate.)

Theatrical pundit alert!

9 to 5 is a sign to arrive at the Hobby Center early. Supported by music and lyrics by Dolly Parton, the Southern-fried story of girl power is busty with puns and double entendres to leave you perky. Parton's songs will steal the hearts of Houston audiences--not unlike the way Whitney Houston stole her song "I Will Always Love You."

Bring your present-day Vespas to 1610 Vespers. (At 800 Bagby, though.)

This year marks the 400th anniversary of the Biblically-themed, musical powerhouse christened by Claudio Monteverdi. Word is, Houston vocal/instrumental ensemble Ars Lyrica went for baroque when putting this production together.

How the Catlike Creature Stole the Winter Holiday's Number One Feature. The classic tale of the cartooned curmudgeon-turned-lover of Christmas makes its year-end return to Houston.

The Grinch may have stolen all of the Whos' presents, but that doesn't change the fact that this heart-warming musical still behooves you-know-who's presence.

The New Anjelica Huston Film Will Not Be Playing at Angelika Houston. Even the lamest puns can bring a tear to the eye.

Check out more photos of the Jones Plaza event on the next pages.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.