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Judging by the Trailer, Dumb and Dumber To Is Even Dumber than We Thought

Before we get to how particularly not good the trailer for Dumb and Dumber To looks, here's a fun question to ponder: who do you think has the most to gain from this project?

Is it the Farrelly brothers, who have spent the last decade making movies that have done okay, but aren't what most would classify as hits? In particular, is it Peter Farrelly, who probably wants to get as far away from the stink of Movie 43 as possible?

Is it Jim Carrey, whose career peaked a decade ago with the modern classic Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and has been in a long slow march toward irrelevancy or, perhaps even worse, network television ever since? In particular, will this movie be successful enough that we all forget he's an anti-vaccine guy? (At least he isn't shilling e-cigarettes, so there's that.)

Is it Jeff Daniels, who... actually I don't have any jokes for Jeff Daniels. Looper was awesome and buys him at least five years of doing whatever he wants.

The actual answer is Derek Richardson and Eric Christian Olsen, AKA not-Jeff Daniels and not-Jim Carrey, because now that there's an actual proper sequel to Dumb and Dumber we can all forget that Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd was a thing that existed. Congrats gentlemen- your decade-long nightmare is over.

What was I saying about this trailer not looking particularly good? Oh right, listen, I get that comedy is subjective and I expect a fair number of folks are going to think the catheter gag and the old lady/dust/there's-really-no-family-friendly-way-to-explain-it-so-just-watch-the-trailer gag will get a fair number of laughs, but can't we at least all agree that this movie looks flat and ugly? I know that historically speaking the Farrelly brothers aren't exactly Terrence Malick when it comes to camera work, but I seem to recall their movies looking better than public-access TV.

But hey, this movie is probably going to make a ton of money and maybe that will be enough to get awful comedy out of Jim Carrey's system and then maybe, just maybe, he can start making good movies again. Or he can do a proper Mask sequel. A man can't fight vaccines all the time, ya know?

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