Jurassic Park: Live on Stage in Pauper's Parody

Austin's Old Murder House Theatre has gained a reputation for doing amazing things on stages. Things like Aliens on Ice, and unlike Ridley Scott they know how to make a spectacle enjoyable without throwing money at landscape artists until they have enough to afford their own space program.

Now they're out on the road for the first time in their career with a Kickstarter-funded version of their very first show, Jurassic Live: Dino Action Show. The show runs one night only here in Houston, and is living proof that you can have just as much fun with tape and cardboard boxes as you can with cutting edge CGI smoke and mirrors.

"Jurassic Live is definitely a parody, and unlike anything you've seen before, said producer Renn Brown. "Audiences can expect the absolute most enjoyable experience of their entire lives, hands down and without question. They can expect madness, dinosaurs, a little more mating than you might remember from your favorite Spielberg film, and seriously the best show of any kind they've ever seen. Ever."

Brown declined to tell us exactly how he was going to bring the legendary Mesozoic beasts to life on a budget of mere thousands, but the trailer indicates that OMHT will follow their previous trick of combining cardboard, creative lighting, and utterly not giving a fuck to make sure that you get the gist of the idea. Time after time in the past they've shown an amazing ability to perfectly mimic and mercilessly mock big budget films like Robocop and Back to the Future in creative strokes of brilliance.

OMHT originally staged the show that would become Jurassic Live on a back porch to an audience of just sixty people. After the success of Aliens on Ice the troupe decided to try and expand their reach beyond the Austin area and take a production on tour. If you'll pardon a small joke, it was time to bring the dinosaurs back to life.

Like many of the more excellent projects out in the world, Kickstarter allowed Brown and company to find the necessary capital to take their work to the next level. They were able to raise $21,000 for a nine-city coast to coast tour of America.

"It's taken a serious grind of finding venues willing to work with us in each city without any connections to start with in most cases," said Brown. "It's forced us to create a network and system of organization completely from scratch, and to use every available avenue of social media to our advantage."

Hopefully the grind has been worth it. It takes a special kind of genius to find a way to bring something on the magnitude of Jurassic Park to the stage in a semi-satirical way without alienating fans. Interest has been high on the show, reviews have been good, and there is only one chance for you to see it in Houston.

Do you really want to look back on your life at the end and say that there was a chance for you to watch a cardboard T-Rex attack someone and you missed it?

Jurassic Live: Dino Action Show starts at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, June 12 at the Orange Show.

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