Just Ink 4 Had Something for Everyone, and They Could Buy It Right Off the Wall

Talk about an art sale: Robin Baker curates an annual event in which artists hang their art, sometimes as many as 60 pieces per artist, and the exhibition lasts just one night! The East End Gallery, managed by Liz Ortiz, hosted this event, "Just Ink 4", on Friday, August 22, and 39 artists participated.

The art is hugely varied, and often amazingly good; there is something here for all artistic tastes. And it was a pleasure to see some of the 300 patrons - yes, 300! - who attended walk out with art under their arms; when sold, it comes off the wall.

Julie Zarate had portraits of Hispanic beauties with compelling gazes. Pizo Meyer had a very detailed ink drawing, Landscapes XXIV. Dianne K. Webb had inked drawings of trees with exposed roots, much like the traveling Ents in The Hobbit.

Melody Szekely had portraits of Bela Lugosi as Dracula, as well as of Wolfman and Frankenstein. Erik Martinez had a very well-drawn self portrait, in the style of a graphic novel. And Johnnie Rosales, Jr. had a great number of pop culture drawings relating to films.

In a less dramatic but more serious vein, Giovanni Pena had some moving portraits of older citizens.

There is more, much more with art shown by Patricia Corron, Robin S. Silver, Barbara Harmer, Heather Gordy, Jose Cordova, David J. Anderson, Fini Jo, Marisol Graham, Jan Venhaezebrouck, Mel Hull, Jacob Coble, Luke Poteete, Austin Simmons, Kaitlin Priess, Catfish Perez, Roberto Torres-Torres, Kevin Montanaro, Anat Ronen, Luis Gonzalez, Stephanie Gardjardo, Jessia Jill, Dinora Alonso, Katsola, Santana Serna, Justin Masi, Sarah Cloutier, Browncoat, Krystlle Bazan, Sebastian Gomez de la Torre and Lizbeth Ortiz.

East End Gallery's next exhibition will also be one-night only, a group show titled "Here Kitty Kitty", Friday, September 5, 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., 708 Telephone Road, Suite C, 713-363-0054, eestudiogallery.com.

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