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Keep Texas Self-Deprecating

It seems there's a contest going on between Texas' major cities to see who can devise the most self-deprecating city slogan and slap it on a bumper sticker. The above sticker was created by Dallasites earlier this year, and the makers (appropriately) started a Facebook group on April 1.

Of course, in Houston we love anything that denigrates Dallas (and alliteratively, too). And we proudly adopt the phrase. The fact that it was created by actual Metroplex residents kind of takes the wind out of our sails, though, in same the way that volumes of Aggie jokes were first published by Texas A&M University.

We wanted to know if these slogans were unique to Texas, or if other cities engaged in the same self-hating behavior. On the contrary, results showed other major cities chose to keep themselves "clean," "green," "beautiful" and "safe." Well where's the fun in that? Only two other non-Texas cities (that we could find) were willing to play along.

See the sticky findings after the jump.

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Troy Schulze
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