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Kevin Hart and his Alter Ego Chocolate Droppa

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From hosting this year's BET Awards to releasing his own concert movie in theaters, called Laugh at My Pain, 2011 has certainly been a breakthrough year for in-demand funnyman Kevin Hart. But how many of you Kevin Hart fans know about his hip-hop alter ego Chocolate Droppa? While Hart's star has been on the rise, he's been spending his spare time online creating this freestyle-crazy rapper, making YouTube clips where he spits "real rap raw" rhymes (or "bars," as he calls it) and trashing "nut-ass rappers" on his very own Twitter feed.

Since Hart will be in Houston tonight, possibly dropping some impromptu rhymes at The Drake's "Holiday Soiree," here are ten noteworthy clips that chronicle the evolution of the most important MC in the game -- or so he says.

Chocolate Droppa Introduces Himself to the World

It all began with this clip, where Droppa talked about all the mixtapes he'll be dropping (my fave: M&M's Ain't In Dis Bag, Bitch!), walked around his 'hood in Beverly Hills and tried to make sense as he pulls one freestyle after another as he walks to his ride.

Droppa Gets Bumped on Lopez Tonight

Droppa was all ready to make his television debut on George Lopez's now-defunct late-night talk show. Unfortunately, a producer tells him that his performance has been cut, which sends Droppa on a bar-spitting tirade.

Droppa Does His First Radio Interview

Droppa definitely gets real and raw as he gets interviewed by LA radio personality Big Boy, going so far as to remove his hoodie (but he puts it back on since it's cold in the studio) and bust some expletive-filled freestyles. He also wants more kid fans since he feels old people will die soon.

Droppa Goes on Tour

Droppa (or "T.B. TEDI: The Best That Ever Did It," as he's also known in this clip) is ready to wow audiences in this clip, where he's seen backstage at a kids' benefit. ("My message to these little muhfuckas is 'Do you,'" explains Droppa.) We also see him about to board a plane for a show in Bucharest, where he almost gets in a rap battle with an old white dude.

Droppa Does a Freestyle for XXL

Droppa may not have been picked as one of


magazine's MCs to watch this year (which they do every year in their annual "Freshmen" issue), but the magazine did call him up to do a "Freshman Freestyle" video. Here he is spitting that hot fire -- and trying not to look like Nelly while he's doing it.

Droppa Lives It Up in Paris -- We Think

According to this clip, Droppa was a n***a in Paris way before Jay-Z and Kanye rapped about it. Here he is in his "castle" in Paris, along with members of the Golden State Warriors (he apparently flew them out there), dropping more hot freestyles like "N***s Don't Want It!" and "Yo Forehead Don't Bleed."

Droppa Does a Rap Video

You can't drop a single without a video, and here's Droppa in his trailer on the set of his new star-studded video. He's also showing off his "rap underarmor," complete with a belt doubling for a Gucci scarf, which brothas will obviously be rocking next year.

Droppa Gets Interviewed by Tijuana Jackson

In this interview Droppa did with ex-con motivational speaker Tijuana Jackson (Romany Malco, whom Hart did an extremely funny scene with in

The 40-Year-Old Virgin

), Droppa discloses that he got his start in his home turf of Japan, engaged in rap battles with "little Asian, Chinese kids." He also has a cool-ass Segway.

Droppa Visits BET's 106 & Park

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYM7qbEOh3k&feature=related What better place for Droppa to hype himself up than on BET's video-countdown show

106 & Park

. In these two clips, he lets everyone know that every rapper has stolen his style, regrets that he didn't release his first album in '86 and does his best to seduce bootylicious co-host Tika Sumpter.

Droppa Gets in a Street Rap Battle with T-Pain http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ao0Y_o9LjlA Finally, in this promotional clip for T-Pain's new album Revolver, the King of Auto-Tune has the audacity to battle Droppa in a freestyle rap battle. All Droppa has to do is say "chicken nuggets" and people lose their damn minds. But, then again, when you go up against T-Pain, is it even a fair fight?

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