Kid Flix Mix 2011

The true story of a little girl and her yellow balloon on the New York City subway is the basis for just one of the films that make up today’s Kid Flix Mix 2011. Screening as part of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston’s MFAH Reel Kids series, the 12 international animated movies are aimed at kids three to six years old.

Charming and dramatic, the three-minute The Yellow Balloon was animated by Ben Thompson and Rob Castillo, both from the United States. It chronicles the story of a little girl who gets on the subway with her family, while her balloon is caught outside the train’s doors. Unwilling to let go of the string, the little girl watches as the train rushes off, leaving the balloon to bounce along outside. But what’s going to happen when the train enters a tunnel at full speed?

Also being screened is Whistleless, by Siri Melchior, from Denmark. The five-minute hand-drawn animation follows a little bird who searches for his own unique voice in a world that’s already filled with noises. Another film, Precise Peter by Martin Schmidt from Germany, features an energetic little boy confounding his obsessive-complusive dad, who has arranged an alfresco dinner for the pair. 2 p.m. Monday and Wednesday. 1001 Bissonnet. For information, call 713‑639‑7515 or visit $5 to $10.
Mon., March 12, 2 p.m.; Wed., March 14, 2 p.m., 2012

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Olivia Flores Alvarez