King 4 to Queen 4

There isn't much that separates The Original Kings of Comedy from their spin-off quartet, The Queens of Comedy. Oh, sure, these ladies have different equipment from the fellas, and instead of using the word "muthafucka" to describe someone, the ladies use "bitch." (Example: "A skinny bitch is a confused bitch!") But just because they're thick in the waist and cute in the face doesn't mean they won't cuss out a brotha in a heartbeat!

It was inevitable that after the successful Kings of Comedy concert tour and movie last year, one featuring the sistas would soon follow. Once again, the performers are individually distinctive yet aesthetically similar. There's the sassy matriarchal figure (emcee Miss Laura Hayes), the sassy cynic (Adele Givens), the sassy wild-child (Sommore) and the sassy big-girl (Mo'Nique, from UPN's highly rated ham-fest The Parkers).

Much like the Kings, the Queens attempt to exert class while still maintaining ghetto credibility. They dress in fancy outfits, get their hair all done up, make sure their toenails are nicely pedicured. But the minute they step on stage, they exhibit all the subtlety of a lap dancer five minutes before closing time. Givens riffs on how there's a conspiracy to dumb down people through the consumption of Top Ramen noodles. Sommore recounts the time she was in jail and had to fend off lesbians. ("I guess we gonna be fightin', 'cause I ain't dykin'!") And Mo'Nique urges her corpulent female comrades in the audience to punch any girl next to them who's a size four.

A guilty pleasure, perhaps, but just think: If these were those four white chicks from Sex and the City saying all this stuff, people would call it friggin' brilliant.

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Craig D. Lindsey
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