King Tut Strut

The Museum of Fine Arts Houston announced today that it will host the Texas debut of Tutankhamun: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs, an exhibition of more than 100 artifacts, many of which had not been seen in the U.S. prior to the current tour, which is currently on exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. The Houston exhibition will open over a year from now, on October 13, 2011 and run through April 15, 2012 at the MFAH's Caroline Weiss Law Building. It's been called the most important exhibition of ancient Egyptian art since the original big King Tut tour in the '70s. The MFAH's director Dr. Peter Marzio called it a "who's who" of Egypt's ancient rulers.

Got us thinking: Aren't we due for another Egypt-oriented pop-culture phenomenon on the level of Steve Martin's "King Tut" or the Bangles' "Walk Like an Egyptian?" OR ... a little poppin' and lockin,' maybe?

Click ahead for some boy-pharaoh boogie.

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