Kurt Russell Rocks: Our Top 5 Russell Flicks

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We got very excited to read that tonight, the Alamo Draft House in Katy is screening the absurdist-action flick, Big Trouble in Little China. This made us daydream about how ab-ripplingly amazing Kurt Russell used to be, and then we wondered where in the hell he had been in the past few years? Russell's last big screen appearance was in 2007's Death Proof and he hasn't been up to much since. We were giddy to read he will supposedly be making an appearance in the upcoming Quentin Tarantino movie, Django Unchanged, but who knows when the hell that will actually come out.

Other than his most recent lull, Russell has been working very consistently since the late 1950s, playing minor characters on television shows such as Gun Smoke, Daniel Boone and Lost in Space, to name a few. In 1979 he played Elvis in a mini series about the deceased rocker and was nominated for an Emmy. And it was all up hill from there!

In 1981 he played the cool-as-hell Snake Plissken in John Carpenter's Escape From New York and his level as an action star flew to the top of the badass-meter. But it hasn't all been butt-kicking roles for Russell. He has also done quite a few dramatic parts, in addition to a host of comedic roles, some were not necessarily funny (Captain Ron, anyone?).

Here are our top five favorite Kurt Russell movies.

5. Tombstone

Tombstone single-handedly revived the Western film in its two hours of brilliance. Russell stars as Wyatt Earp, a rebel rouser turned family man, who finds himself back on the other side of the tracks. Russell plays Earp with depth and despondency; he is just a guy who keeps winding up in the wrong place despite his best intentions.

4. Big Trouble in Little China

Russell is the perfect sarcastic, loud mouth getting into "big" trouble in what seems to be a foreign land somewhere in the middle of San Francisco's China Town. This movie is so bizarre that Russell's beer-slinging, dirt-bag character is the only one grounding the movie into any sphere of reality. But barely.

3. Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise

garnered quite a bit of flack when it was released for being convoluted and not what you would expect from mastermind screenwriter Robert Towne, who wrote





The Firm

. But the characterization and performances of the three leads, Mel Gibson, Michelle Pfeiffer and, of course, Kurt Russell, is what saved this film from obscurity. Russell plays a confused cop, wanting to be the good guy but is tempted by the dark side.

2. The Thing

The Thing is not only one of Kurt Russell's greatest films, but one of the scariest films of all time. Russell and his sick man-beard only makes it that much more macho.

1. Overboard

No you did not just roll your eyes at




is one of those movies that no matter what time it is, no matter what else might be on television at that exact moment, if we find it channel surfing, we'll watch it (even if we happen to have it on DVD). Kurt Russell is hilarious in this movie and his on-screen chemistry with off-screen love interest, Goldie Hawn, is genuine and warm. He really loves Goldie Hawn, even if she is a total bitch for most of the movie. It is a timeless classic.

Big Trouble in Little China is playing at the Alamo Draft House in Katy on March 22 at 7:30 p.m. For more information visit drafthouse.com

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