Lady Gaga: It's What's For Dinner, America

The MTV Video Music Awards is the bastard child of award ceremonies, a predictable hotbed of celebrities behaving badly while badly dressed. A few precious moments from VMAs past: Diana Ross fondling Lil' Kim's breast, covered only in a neon flower-shaped pastie, Madonna and Britney Spears locking lips--with tongue--after an onstage collaboration, and (speaking of Brit), who could forget her disastrous "comeback" performance, post head-shaving-umbrella-swinging-freak out. While the "bitter" Kanye West / Taylor Swift animosity played out as little more than a PR stunt to promote upcoming releases for both artists, MTV knew they had an ace in the hole as long as Gaga was on deck. Toss in a scantily clad Cher for insurance and the show could run on autopilot.

Lady Gaga, nominated for a record-breaking 13 VMAs, showcased three uniquely outlandish ensembles, the most memorable being a meat dress complete with hat, shoes and purse to match. Was the message that she feels treated like a piece of meat? If so, we might advise against going to such dramatic lengths to attract attention, i.e. If you don't want to be treated like a piece of meat, perhaps one might want to avoid dressing like a rib eye. However, we wouldn't be surprised if the message she wanted to convey was something totally bizarre such as "I'm your pretty pork chop, baby," or "Treat me like meat because it makes me feel raw inside, and I like it." Only Gaga knows for sure.

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