Laser Graffiti Night at the Menil Collection

Last week, Aurora Picture Show hosted the first night of its "Media Archeology Festival," and the street was packed with people. The main focus of the night was Graffiti Research Lab Houston's interactive show. Viewers used a laser pointer to draw on the outer walls of the Menil Collection. There was also a live VJ performance melding footage from an eclectic amount of sources--everything from Transformers (the cartoon, sans Megan Fox), a strange video of a man painting a bald man's head like a pool ball, and clips from worldwide "cells" of Graffiti Research Labs. Aerosol Warfare had an interactive display in which attendants could text-in messages to be displayed on another projection wall.

Throughout the laser graffiti and the text displays, boobies were a frequent topic. One person wrote, "I'm all out of Ham." The source couldn't get any more open.

Check out more photos (by Joe Wozny and Kristen Eide) after the jump.

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