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Last-Minute Halloween Costumes: 7 Quick, Horrifying Ones Sure to Satisfy

We are now about a week out from the Halloween weekend, which means two straight nights of party, puking and smudged makeup for some, and stress and heartbreak for others who procrastinated and can't figure out what to be for the increasingly ridiculous holiday.

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The Houston Press has been helping you with last-minute costumes for what seems like a decade, or at least the better part of the last one. Each year around this time, you will find Press employees walking the halls in makeup and barely-there costumes on the way to a photo shoot in the corner. Some are lucky to be wearing more clothes than others.

And some of us get turned into memes. Ahem. I never thought all that blue would ever come off.

Here is our annual Rogie's Gallery of last-minute Halloween costume ideas. Of course, we use the words "idea" and "last minute" extremely loosely.

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