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Laura Lark's "The Liveable Forest" Opens This Weekend at Devin Borden Gallery

When Art Attack contacted Laura Lark for a phone interview, she answered the call with one hand while holding a 2012 calendar full of images of hamsters in the other.

This is completely fitting, seeing that Lark's art, in her words, "Deals with societal impulse and natural impulse and how those two things don't really go together," Lark tells us after ditching the bizarre hamster date-keeper to rap about her upcoming solo exhibit at Devin Borden Gallery.

"There's a clash between how you feel and how you're biologically in relation to societal norms," says Lark, whose exhibit statement for her upcoming "The Liveable Forest" exhibit breaks down the show's modus operandi even further:

The work "is devoted to exploring the way that popular culture, media, and public opinion colonize our sense of ourselves and provide us with the only vocabulary we seem to have for making ourselves understood."

Lark, a mixed-media artist and past Houston Press contributor, explains that her exhibit will feature all new work -- ranging from wall pieces to installations -- in the colors silver, white, black or some shade of blue.

Two of the larger works will be pieces on Tyvek measuring around seven feet wide by 11 feet tall. One will feature Lark's impressive execution of populating the industrial-style canvas with little tiny Sharpie dots by hand.

Meanwhile, the installation elements will feature silver leaf on Tyvek that, according to Lark, "Emulate the patterns that were in my mother's grave."

"The elements are supposed to be represented by nature, but I'm not really a nature person. It's more about the impossible nature of nature and society."

Laura Lark's "The Liveable Forest" will be on display from February 11 through April 7 at Devin Borden Gallery, 3917 Main. Lark will be in the house for the opening reception, scheduled to take place from 4 to 7 p.m. Saturday. Admission is free. For more information, check out the Devin Borden Gallery Web site.

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