Lawndale Announces 2012-13 Resident Artists

This year's winners of Lawndale Art Center's prestigious artist studio program include a noise musician, a recipient of Houston Arts Alliance's Liz Alexander Visual Arts Award and a Houston standby who recently showed at the Texas Contemporary Art Fair.

The lucky winners will have 24-hour access to his or her own Lawndale studio for nine months (from September 2012 through May 2013), a $500 stipend each week and $1,500 for materials. In that time, the three will individually make something that will be presented in exhibition form at Lawndale in May 2013.

Domokos Benczédi has been a steady presence in local weirdo bands such as Rusted Shut, Future Blondes and Richard Ramirez's longtime noise project Black Leather Jesus. Visually, Benczédi tends toward collage and field installations that give a head nod to Dada. During his Lawndale tenure, viewers can "expect aluminum, new installations, disposable/free items and much more."

Along with co-running the Skydive space, Fort Worth-born Nancy Douthey has presented performance elements at the 2012 Lone Star Explosion, InsideOut and Low Lives 2. The winner of the 2011 Liz Alexander Visual Arts Award has included the following in her solo and collaborative pieces: photographs, sculptures, books, videos of swimming pools, a white bath towel stuffed in her mouth while riding the light rail.

Born and raised in Galveston, one of Patrick Turk's most recognized Houston exhibits -- "The Time Travel Research Institute Presents" at Art League Houston -- showcased the "time-space manipulator" assembling three-dimensional light-box collages out of clippings from encyclopedias, comic books and scientific diagrams. These artworks eventually made it over to the inaugural Texas Contemporary Art Fair, adding to his résumé that includes commissions for the Art Car Parade and the memorable exhibit "Kaleidoscoptical Super Revolution" at ArtStorm in summer 2008.

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston curator Dean Daderko, artist Sharon Engelstein and Lawndale Programming Committee Chair Adrienne Johnson Yost chose the three out of more than 100 applicants.

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