Let's Have Fun With TweetForger!

This weekend we discovered TweetForger, a nifty new way to waste your life online and on Twitter. The concept of the website is simple enough; all you need is someone's Twitter handle, and your imagination to make fake tweets from anyone, be it your friends of celebrities. There have been applications like this before, but this one seems to be the easiest to use.

We spent a few minutes making up our own fake tweets, only to find that Canadian pop-star Justin Bieber has blocked the service from being able to create false missives using his account. We can only imagine the mass hysteria, and possible suicide attempts, that one could cause with a phony message from the Beebs.

Also absent from the TweetForger ranks was right-wing wonder Glenn Beck, and former Arkansas governor and Fox News pundit Mike Huckabee. For some reason, Kanye West's profil wouldn't load. That's cool, we didn't want you guys to propose marriage proposal to Kim Kardashian anyhow.

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