Playboy Cover Has Been Revealed">

Let's Play "Connect the Freckles": Lindsay Lohan's Playboy Cover Has Been Revealed

Today gossip sites began posting this picture of Lindsay Lohan's upcoming Playboy cover, the inside of which is reported to feature either all the good stuff, none of the good stuff or only one or two of the three good things. Seriously, if you haven't already pieced together a mental image of a nude Lohan in your head after her countless wardrobe malfunctions, or that other nude photo-shoot she did a few years back...then we envy you.

You know, tasteful means different things to many people. For some it's "Well, at least we know she doesn't have any strange piercings," or "Is it legal to get a tattoo on that??" Tasteful and Lohan can mean any number of things. But we do know it will mean massive sales for Playboy, whose circulation is reportedly down, possibly a reinvigoration of Lohan's waning career, and maybe another layout in a future issue. Let's just hope they aren't going the Heidi Montag route and try to sell us some glorified Maxim shots.

For now, here's a collection of Lohan's past less-than-covered paparazzi and photo-shoot moments.

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