Li Cunxin Says Ballet Is Fun with This New App

If you are like us, you have a penchant for tutus and a love of all things ballet. Every year you do your best to squeeze in as much ballet as you can, but even just the annual Nutcracker presentation on television is enough to get you twirling. Maybe you even secretly wished that your mother had enrolled you in ballet classes as a child. Alas, now that you are old it is too late to learn and, where would you find the time anyway? It is not too late!

Houston dance aficionados and dance lovers alike may remember the name Li Cunxin. Cunxin danced with the Houston Ballet for 16 years in addition to various other prominent companies around the globe. Now Cunxin is taking his immense talents off the stage and sharing them on the screen, the screen of your iPhone or iPad, that is.

"Ballet Is Fun" is a new mobile app featuring 325 different steps demonstrated by Cunxin and other world-class performers, for all you budding ballerinas out there. The app allows users to find dance steps and then combine them into a tailor-made dance routine. Additionally, the app has a dictionary of ballet terms and organizes each dance step into specific, easy to understand categories.

"Ballet Is Fun" has been around for years as a CD-Rom and used as an instructional supplement for students and teachers. Now as an app, the rest of the world will have easy access to this video presentation. Don't go auditioning for the New York City Ballet just yet, though. While the app can help wannabe ballerinas perfect their craft, it is "not a substitute for a good teacher," says creator of the program Bill Atkinson.

We are okay with that, we just want to learn how to pirouette and not fall on our faces.

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Abby Koenig
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