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Liam Neeson: 5 Ass-Kicking Scenes

Today is Liam Neeson's 59th birthday, and we at Art Attack could not be in a better mood if you pitted Richard Burton against Oliver Reed in a game of beer pong (although that would be pretty cool). Neeson flitted about B-movies for years before finally breaking through as an established dramatic actor and garnering an Academy Award nomination for Schindler's List. He's had his share of romantic leading roles, too (am I the only one who remembers Gun Shy?), getting steamy with Diane Keaton in The Good Wife and as the sexually repressed title character in Ethan Frome.

But it's the ass-kicking we like to watch the best. Neeson's a great actor with a history as a forklift operater, trucker and boxer; add in his giant's physique and his cool blue eyes, and he's probably the last guy you'd want to mess with. This is the man who beat up a bunch of Eastern European human traffickers in Taken, the guy who beat Tim Roth in a dual by holding on to the business end of Roth's rapier in Rob Roy and the guy who taught Batman everything he knows. He's an ass-kicker of the highest degree, and we scrounged up some of our favorite cans of whoopass Neeson's unleashed on his unsuspecting victims over the years.

5. vs. arrows in Kingdom of Heaven

4. vs. a taxi driver in Taken

3. vs.Tim Roth's sword in Rob Roy

2. vs. everyone in Darkman

1. vs. a frozen lake in Batman Begins

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