Like Crazy: 10 Other Twentysomething Firsts No One Will Be Making a Movie About

At some point in the human life cycle, everyone begins to relate to the songs of Phil Collins. It's called having loved and lost.

In Like Crazy, currently showing at the River Oaks Theatre, director Drake Doremus depicts the rise and fall of first love. Two attractive youths played by Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones hit all the usual stages, from infatuation to separation and weeping in the fetal position.

It's ground that has been covered before and for good reason. In terms of milestones, first love ranks up there with the first time you question the existence of God (maybe the two are related?) and that game-changing first sip of alcohol. Occasions like heartbreak, marriage, babies and the death of a loved one are always having movies made about them, but your twenties are full of firsts -- as subtle as they may be, they can certainly alter the course of life as you know it.

Art Attack compiled ten landmark moments we all experience in our 20s (or thereabouts) that we'd like to see the likes of Emma Stone and Jesse Eisenberg depict on the big screen. It's the details, after all, that make art relatable.

10. The first time you learn that there are two different kinds of dishwashing detergents and they cannot be interchanged.

9. The first time you learn that dating a musician/poet/bartender is a bad idea.

8. The first time you date another musician/poet/bartender anyway.

7. The first time you live alone, walk around without any pants on and eating Cup of Noodles in bed for two weeks straight and then realize that maybe you shouldn't live alone.

6. The first time you apply for a department store credit card for the 10 percent discount.

5. The first time Christmas/your birthday isn't fun.

4. The first time you go to a bar alone, because everyone else is doing something better.

3. The first time you realize you can and should upgrade from well liquor.

2. The first time you realize your liberal arts degree has no value.

1. The first time you desperately decide to attend law school.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.