Lindsay Lohan, a Pistol and Photographer Terry Richardson

Today on photographer Terry Richardson's Tumblr page, he's showing us pictures of a crying and immaculately disheveled Lindsay Lohan playing with an unloaded pistol. This is a departure from his usual "Wanna see Kate Upton's nipples? Sorry, not today!" pictures that stymie the world on a regular basis.

These pictures, taken at the Chateau Marmont, are just another batch in a series of photos that the fashion photog has been taking of Lohan for the past few years. Rumor has it they are also an item, and by item I mean having the sex a lot. Lohan is currently filming Liz & Dick, her long-gestating Elizabeth Taylor flick, for Lifetime.

The series of photos have the now raven-haired Lohan playing the pistol, smoking cigarettes, lounging in lingerie and generally being herself. Not that there is anything wrong with that. All those things seem normal to me. I do these things too on the weekends, except my lingerie is from Target.

Richardson's past photos with Lohan have never included gunplay, but almost always titties. Let's just be honest here. The guy could also be unwittingly, or otherwise, documenting her slow decline into eternity slumber. Richardson has been criticized in the past for his style, and rumors of kinky sex things with his subjects have also run rampant. You have Google; you can figure it out.

The Chateau Marmont is the site of Lohan's infamous "overdose" a few weeks back. Remember, when she didn't die at the age of 25?

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