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David Sadof is one of the most influential names in Houston radio. His show, Lunar Rotation, introduced the city to pretty much every top alternative act when he helmed the mike at KTBZ. But there's a side of Sadof we were completely unaware of--his abilities as a visual artist; particularly in a medium he calls "CDgami."

Being a music director at a radio station, Sadof was sent enough CDs to stock every now-defunct music store in the city, and many of those discs were radio-only singles not for resale. Sadof now has thousands neatly filed away, but they're not filed by artist, title or genre. They're filed by color and design to make cutting them into workable pieces easier.

One night Sadof woke suddenly, and something told him to acquire a hot glue gun. And while most of us would go back to sleep, dreaming about helping Zooey Deschanel out those wet clothes after she was caught in a bad storm, Sadof actually took the initiative went out, and purchased one. Later, the idea struck him that the curve of a CD resembled the curves of a rocking chair, and he carefully began constructing one out of some band's otherwise forgettable disc. In the beginning, it took two CDs to get enough pieces for a single rocking chair, which wasn't a big drawback since Sadof usually owned several duplicates of any given CD, but he's since refined the art to get all the necessary parts out of a single disc.

One of Sadof's favorite chairs is one made from the first Garbage CD.

"I gave Shirley [Manson] the chair when they opened for Smashing Pumpkins at the Summit," says Sadof. "I was going to give it to her in person, but she wasn't feeling well and her road manager wasn't allowing anyone to see the band other than record reps. I gave the chair to the record rep who had arranged for me to see her and he gave her the chair. A week later I received a thank you card that she sent from the road. It read: '13/12/96 Dear David, Many thanks for the little rocking chair and for all your support over the course of our record! See you next year... Happy Holidays!! Love Shirley Manson.'"

Sadof has also hand-delivered a chair to Joan Jett, and his work with CDs doesn't end with rocking chairs. He also crafts elaborate mosaics and picture frames. In a nod to old-skool music mediums, he also fashions bowls out of colored vinyl, usually by heating them enough to make them pliable. One of his favorite bowls was made with two records placed on top of one another, with parts cut from the top record to make a daisy pattern.

Many of Sadof's works are on display and for sale at Cactus Music (http://www.cactusmusictx.com/), and his website (http://www.davidsadof.com/)

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