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Lord Have Mercy Jesus! It's Divorce Court

I have a confession to make. I love court TV. In a daytime timeslot, the words "courtroom drama" mean something entirely different that in primetime. Take the case of Harper vs. Hicks, in which the defendant literally breaks into song on a recent episode of Divorce Court.

Plaintiff: Loren Harper alleges his wife is physically abusive, asking for $1,760 for therapy sessions.

Defendant: Deitra (D'Atra) Hicks, Actress (What Happens in the Dark, Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion), admits to physically abusing her husband, but has taken anger management classes where she learned to express her rage through song, not violence.

Harper begins to give his testimony, claiming that his drug use and alcoholism are a direct result of the abuse suffered at the hands of Ms. Hicks, therefore she is responsible for compensating him for his therapy sessions. He is interrupted by a gospel-style "Hhhhmmmhhhmm" from Hicks' direction, but doesn't stop talking until Judge Lynn Toler interjects to ask, in the most polite manner she can muster, what the hell is going on with Hicks. The minutes that follow are the finest footage in the televised justice system, complete with private investigators, infidelity, theft, face-to-face confrontation of the mistress, and Lord have mercy Jesus! There is singing. Pop open a bottle of Cooks and enjoy.

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Lauren Marmaduke
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