Lott Entertainment Opens Season With Alternative Cabaret Queen Bridget Everett

Cabaret Queen — well with an alternative bent so right up our alley — Bridget Everett is on her way to Houston to present what will be the season opener for the new Lott Entertainment Presents as part of their Joe's Pub Series. 

Lott Entertainment Presents is the brainchild of Allison Lott, executive director and Kathryn Lott, Artistic Director. The two are not related, but worked together at Houston's Society for the Performing Arts before hatching this plan to bring what they believe will be the kinds of acts to Houston that this town hasn't been used to seeing. 

"Kathryn and I had the opportunity to travel and see things in New York and Canada and many other places  and really recognized a void in this city things that weren’t going to get down here to Houston without a new entity whether it because it's  off off Broadway or because it's small or for whatever reason. We were just so enamored with these things we were seeing. The idea came from being able to see all these things and wanting them to be represented in Houston," Allison says. (Full disclosure: the Houston Press is a sponsor of Lott Entertainment's performances and Houston Press publisher Stuart Folb is on its board of directors.)

As a world class city and a cosmopolitan city, for us not to have this performing arts scene, we thought that it was best for Houston to create this," Kathryn Lott says. 

Acknowledging that SPA and Catastrophic Theatre, to name just two established theatrical concerns in Houston, bring in unusual acts and avant garde plays, Kathryn Lott complimented both but says there's room for more. Unlike Catastrophic, Lott's shows won't be locally produced. "I think we're the perfect complement to something like Catastrophic." 

Joe's Pub Series is being done in partnership with Joe's Pub at the Public, a New York City institution known for presenting performance artists. Everett's inaugural show will be in the new Midtown Arts & Theater Center known as MATCH, but the Lotts say not all shows will be there and they are looking for opportunities to spread throughout the city and to partner with other arts organizations.

Everett (who appeared in the movie Trainwreck and had her own Comedy Special entitled Gynecological Wonder) is known for a rowdy brand of humor so leave anyone under age 18 at home. 

There will be four 8 p.m. performances of Bridget Everett from November 4-7 at MATCH, 3400 Main.  Visit for information. Or call the MATCH box office at 713-521-4533. A Launch Party will accompany the November 4 performance $50-$100. 
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