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Slice of Life Yotsuba&! By Azuma Kiyohiko A green-hair girl named Yotsuba is the new kid on the block. Over the summer, this strange little girl, amazed by simple things like air conditioning, goes on all sorts of delightful adventures to festivals and the beach.

Glass Mask by Miuchi Suzue Kitajima Maya is determined to be an actress no matter what. But between school and her part time delivery job, will she ever get a break?

Skip Beat! by Nakamura Yoshi Kyoko gave childhood friend and singer Shou everything she had, including all her money from to support his rise to fame. The instant he became famous, though, she found that he was using her as a servant. Angered, Kyoko vowed to get revenge on him so she cut her hair and joined the acting agency LME. One day she'll force him to regret his using her.

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