Margaret Cho Channels Bette Midler on New Album, Tour

Just yesterday, comedian Margaret Cho released Cho Dependent, a 13-track album of songs featuring well-known songwriters like Ben Lee, Patty Griffin, Jon Brion, Fiona Apple, Grant Lee Phillips and Ani DiFranco. But before you go and think Cho is leaving stand-up, take a look at some of the song titles: "Your Dick," Eat Shit and Die," "Captain Cameltoe" and "My Puss" should allay all fears that Cho has softened. And what a voice! It took encouragement from her good friend Cyndi Lauper to convince Cho she should take a crack at music, even though she'd grown up in San Francisco with musician parents.

Art Attack spoke over the phone with a surprisingly subdued Cho, who was in Provincetown, Massachusetts honing her stand-up act for an upcoming tour (she hits Houston's House of Blues September 10).

Cho was just getting over some Cape Cod weather-and-allergy-induced laryngitis.

"I'm working. I'm hanging out in Provincetown, which is one of my favorite places in the world. I'm having a good time, but it's my last day here. I've been here for about a week and a half working on my new show, and I'm really excited to get out there and do it up."

Cho is currently on hiatus from the Lifetime series Drop Dead Diva, which shoots in Peachtree, Georgia (just outside Atlanta). She plays Teri Lee, legal assistant to Jane Bingham, whose body has been taken over by another woman.

"We're [the cast] all such good friends. The greatest thing about it is that we have become very close, because we all live in California, and when we go [to Georgia], we're just working with each other, and it's a different thing. I love those guys and I love the show. We go out to restaurants and wreak havoc."

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Troy Schulze
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